Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom (Venice)

Born on the sunny, crazy, always-exciting Venice Boardwalk over thirty years ago, Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom is the product of a dream: The dream of a better hot dog. Hot dogs are great – no one's arguing about that! But all dogs are not the same. Replace the standard wiener with a sausage created from the best meats and freshest, most ingenious ingredients and toppings and you'll have more than just a tasty snack by the beach. You'll have a memorable feast! Who says beach food can't be awesome?

All of our sausages are homemade, using recipes designed by Jody Maroni himself. He takes great pleasure in creating sausages that are delicious, healthy, satisfying and original. You never know what amazing new sausage you'll discover each time you visit us, but some of our customer favorites include our smoked Chicken Andouille sausage, bursting with Cajun spices; our Sweet Italian, flavored with a variety of cheeses, wines and oranges; and our smoky chicken Venetian, with sun-dried tomatoes and basil. We combine real gourmet flavors with the fun and convenience of a sandwich you can eat while roller-skating!

More About Us!

For traditionalists who prefer that classic hot dog flavor, we put just as much care and attention into our dogs as we do our sausages. Try Jody's Smokin' Dog for an all-beef wiener that captures the pure, indescribable essence of hot dog. Have it with Chili and Cheese or Chicago Style, with pickles and peppers. Burger and sandwich lovers: We haven't forgotten you, either! We make a mean, 1/3 pound burger and pile it with all the toppings you love, including chili, bacon, avocado and all the rest. You haven't experienced all that a club sandwich can be until you've had a bacon, chicken and avocado Maroni Club with a pile of our Garlic Fries on the side. Mmmmm....

Nothing says Venice Beach like a hot sandwich from Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom. Give us a taste and you'll know why we've been a Boardwalk mainstay for decades!